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Top 10 Bizarre Hangover Cures

Got a hangover? Forget the saturated fat fix and read on for our choice selection of history's most bizarre hangover cures.


A hangover is the morning-after 'reminder' of a night spent absorbing way too much good cheer. It's when your shrunken brain alerts you to your body's dehydration, nutrient deficiency and the beer coaster stuck to your forehead. What do you do? How do you cure a hangover? If you think the usual stand-by remedies (like these ) are for wimps, here are some of history's most bizarre hangover cures for the seriously warped party people out there.

Have a Haejangguk
Tuck into a bowl of Haejangguk next time you have a hangover. It's a Korean beef broth made with pork spine, dried cabbage, coagulated ox blood and vegetables.

Do Menudo
In Mexico those serious about busting their resaca (hangover) eat a bowl of Menudo, a traditional spicy soup made with tripe.

Lemon Twist
A zesty half lemon rubbed under your drinking arm before getting drunk is a hangover-beater that Puerto Ricans swear by. Those guys plan ahead.

When in Rome …
In Ancient Rome a couple of deep-fried canaries were a hit with the locals … with or without the secret herbs and spices.

Seafood Fix
Folk in the Middle Ages raved about curative powers of bitter almonds and dried eel.

Embrace the Haitian hangover cure and plunge 13 black pins into the cork of the last bottle you drained (difficult if your bottle has a screw-top, or you do vino by the cask).

Cup of Tea
We're not talking English Breakfast here, oh no. Try instead rabbit-poo tea, a concoction brewed by those wacky cowboys of the Wild West. Would you call this herbal? And organic?


Native Know-How
Folklore has it that the Native Americans licked sweat off their skin and spat it out to rid their bodies of 'poison'. Alternatively, Asiatic Indians sculled a nice big glass of their own wee. Mmmmm.

Mongolian Mary
A pair of pickled sheep's eyes in tomato juice is the hangover beater of choice for drinkers in Outer Mongolia - worth remembering if you get messy in Mongolia.

Protein Punch
In ancient Greece sheep lungs and two owl eggs were said to beat the hangover blues. Don't skimp on the owl eggs, you definitely need two.

Hangovers are, of course, no fun at all. It's much better to avoid one altogether by drinking moderately - go practice the skill.

Kelly Ford, Citysearch

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July 18, 2008

drink a cold bottle of carbonated de-alchoholised wine, helps to clear the head

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August 10, 2009

Lucazade's probably the modern equivalent of drinking your own wee!

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March 10, 2010

Try a virgin mary with an oyster

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January 04, 2011

Thank god we live in modern times. I just take Revivol when I'm heading out for a few drink works every time. Not everywhere stocks them so check their website

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