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Australian Youth Hotel

Deceptive in name, the Australian Youth Hotel is an old pub with a mixed clientele and an international bar menu of Aussie beef burgers, Chinese BBQ pork and English pie and mash.


What a wonderful surprise! The Australian Youth Hotel located in Glebe's back streets has absolutely nothing to do with backpackers, hostels, crab-races or velcro sandals. In fact, it couldn't be further removed despite the slightly misleading name (and the fact they provide accommodation.) The Aussie is a local pub in full swing - reason being primarily because it's a little bit tricky to find, and no one really seems all that keen to have it any other way.

Floor boards, beer mats and bar stools, plus the standards on tap and reasonably priced wine by the glass, not to mention a cracking bistro menu with all the wholesome pub favourites. It's kid friendly, dog friendly, spill friendly and thong friendly. The bar staff go out of their way to make sure you feel at home and never hesitate to have a chat if time permits.

It's not the most glamorous spot in town, but would have to be one of the inner-west's best-kept secrets. The perfect spot for a quiet beer and a Sunday pub lunch. Just don't tell all your mates.
Jessica Miller, November 2008

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December 08, 2008


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