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Mars Bar

Also famed for its dancefloor action, this gay bar offers one helluva rocket trip.


While the name of this bar may be a little misleading (no, it's not a bar dedicated to the chewy chocolate bar of the same name, alas), Mars Bar is without doubt your number one destination for all things planet-sized. In Greek mythology (yes, the race who supposedly embraced homosexuality), Mars is the God of War. And what on earth could you be waging war on? Why, nothing else but boredom, of course!

And nothing slays boredom like a good ol' drag show. Every Friday and Saturday night you'll find the kings and queens of the Adelaide drag scene hooting it up in only the campest way they can. Being no stranger to the scene, the Mars Bar cast pull together their international experience for one helluva show, burning up the stage like no other act.

And with a host of resident DJs playing a mix of house, hard NRG and trance, this club has garnered a reputation for serious dancefloor action. No wonder the Jager Bombs keep on coming. And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, there's always a naughty list of cock-tails to please your tastebuds. Or your could just grab a beer and head for the lounge area. Either way, you'll have a gay ol' time!
Tyson Burroughs, May 2008

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August 30, 2008

is this still the only gay bar/club in adelaide

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October 31, 2010

i have a friend ally or that met at mars club,the best night i ever had wow 37 years of age been clubbing sine i was 17 what a night some inconsiterate person stole phone.if any could help bplse let no via e mail thanks1go the mars bar be back again next weekend love u all.

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