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Shoya Lounge

Japanese sake and a bit of karaoke will cure what ails you at Shoya Lounge.


Don't have the time/money to head over to Japan? No problem. Let Japan come to you. Shoya Lounge offers an authentic Japanese wining and dining experience in Melbourne's CBD. Melding traditional Japanese aesthetics with ultra-modern design, it offers three levels of striking design.

Depending in your plans for the evening, you can either grab a seat at the Tea Rose sake bar, traditional Japanese style dining room, sushi bar or just cut to the chase and head to the karaoke room on the top floor. Whichever one you go with, an extensive selection of Sake is available. Shoya prides itself on its rare and imported rice wine and has more than enough variety to get in the karaoke lounge.

The Tea Rose bar is located next to the karaoke lounges and offers a selection of Japanese style cocktails. An Orange-Hai (Japanese Spirit Mix with orange soda) will set you back only $6.50. If you want to be boring you can always just get an imported beer or regular old spirit, but that's nowhere near as fun. After all, when in (I can't believe it's not) Rome ...
Mikolai, July 2009

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