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Just across from Richmond station and close to the MCG, HolliAva is a welcome destination for lovers of boutique beer and luscious cocktails.


More like a mini hospitality complex than a bar, Holliava and her handsome staff consist in a number of spaces. There’s a mezzanine, a private bar and a courtyard with water features that’d give your average Buddhist temple a run for its spiritual money. Design-led, this place looks as though its blueprint was taken straight from a high-end leisure mag.

Toto. I don’t think we’re in Richmond anymore.

The Three One Two One has a formidable share of great pubs. What it lacks, however, are the muted tones and peculiar cocktails of the alcoves is Fitzroy and St Kilda. Since proprietors dared to open an actual bar in pub heartland, punters have flocked.

And, those partners are generally under thirty, generally rather well attired and generally inclined to order a girl’s drink. Sweet, fruity cocktails are a staple here and the crowds, unafraid to ask for something like the “Pineapple Breasts” martini survive on a diet of gin and flirtation.

This is a great spot to exercise your early evening seduction techniques or to parade your newest outfit. It’s also perfect for functions with several of Holliava’s many recesses available free of charge to interested parties.

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May 01, 2007

Dropped in for a drnk before a concert at Vodafone. Good atmosphere plus they let us watch the Biggest Loser finale on the the TV while we ate a Pizza from across the street. Great.

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May 23, 2007

Its a bar HolliAva is a bar for all moods, a bar for all seasons. With both indoor and outdoor bars, great wine and music, comfy leather booths (if you're in the booth mood) - its a great place for a few quiet ones.

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