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Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne

Drop into the Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne and rub shoulders with corporate high-fliers as you down another Stella.


The brewing heritage of Belgium puts Australia to shame. Then again, they did have a millennium as a head start. After centuries of judicious research, Belgian brewers know a thing or two about how to turn out a top drop. If you’re prepared to pay the import excise, you can enjoy history in a glass at the Belgian Beer café.

Recent years have seen a local mania for pubs and bars of a Belgian order. Many of them across the nation sacrifice good taste for gimmick. It’s not the case at the Eureka Tower iteration of this Belgian craze where the long, long history of Benelux brewing is honoured.

Beer sommeliers and helpful menus can guide you through an evening. Perhaps the cider-noted Liefmans Goudenband, the creamy Corsendonk and the pious Orval Trappist Ale? Perhaps the eight per cent ale named for Satan himself, Duvel? Or, perhaps sir would like a stretcher?  This Belgian stuff is seductive.

The café encourages beer appreciation to help us savour rather than Skol.  Here, glasses shaped like chalices, flutes or snifters are used to enhance our appreciation of a particular drop.  This hobbyist atmosphere makes the BBC an ideal spot for trouble-free socialising.

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March 21, 2007

Great for birthday parties!!

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December 18, 2007

Fabbie on a hot summer night & so convenient for all of Southbanks eating places!

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