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Melbourne’s Best Burgers

We’re being totally non-PC here, but honestly the essence of hamburger deliciousness is to do with the fat content of the beef, so forget the diet when you’re about to wrap your laughing gear around one and just enjoy it.

Nothing really beats coarsely ground chuck for its flavour, but if you are watching your weight you can get pretty good burgers made from leaner cuts of beef, particularly sirloin.

Ideally, the burger should be a simple affair, the meat lightly worked so it’s not too soft and seasoned with a little salt and pepper. This lets the meat flavour star while providing a great basis to top it with whatever takes your fancy.

The next step to the ideal burger experience is to ensure the toppings are fresh. The classic burger usually entails tomato, lettuce, onion, maybe an egg and bacon, and condiments like tom sauce, mustard or relish. But the variations are infinite and themed burgers are now pretty popular, ranging from Tex Mex to Greek to Thai to whatever...

Keeping it altogether is the bun, and its size is important. Too big and it may swamp the burger and filling, too small and you could lose the lot down your shirt. A crusty baguette or toasted ciabatta are becoming quite popular alternatives, and although not very traditional, can be just as delicious.

No matter what you like though, for food on the run, a great burger is still king!

Here’s where you can find some of Melbourne’s best burgers.

Sarah Murray, Citysearch

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Top Burger Joints in Melbourne

Joe's Garage

366 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

-37.796309 144.979061

Brunswick Street has seen more restaurants come and go than most strips in Melbourne, but some seem to be stayers. Joe’s Garage has had a steady following for well over a decade. It’s a big, bustling place that might be past its heyday, but a new breed of punter has taken up with Joe’s. No longer, ‘the cool’ hang-out, you’re more likely to find families who’ve come in from the suburbs and people who may be just too lazy to try anything new. The food can be hit and miss, so best to stick to simple comfort food such as their pizzas and burgers.

Category: Bars & Clubs // Venue Type: Bar

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Greasy Joe's

68 Acland St, St Kilda

-37.86671 144.978352

Hungover? Let Greasy Joe’s sort you right out.

Category: Bars & Clubs // Venue Type: Bar

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(9 user reviews)

Average rating for this content is 4 star

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Napier Hotel

210 Napier St, Fitzroy

-37.801698 144.980389

The Napier is a rare find - an original, down-to-earth, inner-city neighborhood pub with authentic décor, friendly atmosphere, great pub food and superb brews on tap.

Category: Bars & Clubs // Venue Type: Pub

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