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Melbourne's Best Cafes

When you start discussing coffee as if it were a wine you know your appreciation of coffee has moved to a new level. Luckily Melbourne has many cafes where you can happily have those conversations.

If this sounds like you, clearly you've been inspired, moved by the bean, as it were.

If it doesn't, don't fret - it's never too late to become a card carrying member of the coffee loving cafe fraternity.

It won't be long until you go to a cafe and afterwards tell your friends you asked "for a seasonal blend espresso that combined Brazilian Barreiro, Costa Rican Herbazu and the inexplicably-named San Franciso Tecuamburro hailing not from the Golden Gate city, but rather Guatemala."

When you do, you really are getting serious. Just like our Citysearch reviewers. If you're not sure where to get your next fix, relax for they've done the, er, hard work for you.

Whether you're after a siphon, a latte, a single origin bean or a pour over, you'll find some love in this list of cafes.

These cafes take their coffee seriously, they are inspired to bring the best to you. Just don't ask the barista to add a dash of caramel syrup. You'll no doubt be run out of town by your new-found coffee mafia friends faster than you can say "Ethiopian Yirgacheffe".

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July 29, 2012

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RE: Melbourne's Best Cafes. I cannot see the names of the cafes at all.... very dissappointing.... where are they...???

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