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Melbourne's Best Malaysian Restaurants

For centuries Malaysia has inspired romantic and exotic notions of the ‘far’ east. It’s international trading port at Malacca attracted peoples from every corner of the globe and this diversty has not been lost on its food.

The major cross-cultural influences have come from near neighbours such as India, China, Thailand and Borneo and have created novel varieties of cuisine such as Nyonya food, a fusion of local Malayan and Chinese traditions.

Malayan food is noted for its use of fresh herbs and roots such as lemongrass, ginger, garlic, shallots, kaffir limes and fresh chilies which are often ground into a sambal or chilli paste for added heat. Less well known are daun kesum (laksa leaf), kunyit basah (turmeric root), lengkuas (galangal) and pandanus (screwpine leaf).

Rice is integral to Malayan dishes but as Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country, pork or any meat from pigs, is never part of the traditional cuisine.

One of the best known dishes to hail from Malaysia is the yummy Nasi Lemak, a coconut-flavored rice dish made aromatic with pandan leaves and typically served with sambal ikan bilis - fried anchovies cooked in a dry sambal sauce.

Other popular meals include satay, beef rendang, laksa and roti canai, as well as an array of delicious curries and grilled fish dishes. Of course, if you visit Malaysia the choices just explode with great street food available everywhere and well worth trying.

For a mouthwatering Asian experience, you can’t go past Malayan cuisine, a melting pot of flavours, aromas and textures that pay a fitting tribute to Malaysia’s exotic and diverse past.

Sarah Murray, Citysearch

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Melbourne Best Malaysian Restaurants

Blue Chillies

182 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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320 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North

-37.780481 144.986601

Malaymas is unpretentious in its presentation, affordable for a diversity of the community and a part of a vibrant inner-city scene

Category: restaurants // Cuisine: Malaysian

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